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ArchiFMS is a middleware solution designed for drawing/non-drawing interface to manage various facilities, such as colleges, apartment houses, hospitals, public institutions, and BTL. This product extracts the property information of electronic drawings (CA) from the system, and establishes a link with the main system DB in real time.
The developer API (Application Programming Interface) is provided to enable developers to develop the system conveniently in various system environments such as JAVA, .NET, and ERP. As the web report function is built in, various types of facility status data can be printed in a reporting format.


Server: NT family / Unix / Linux
Development environment: MS .NET / J2EE
Database: Oracle / MS-SQL / MySQL
User environment: Windows 2000 or later / AutoCAD 2002 or later

This middleware product includes various facility management functions, which utilize the real-time interface module of the drawing and non-drawing databases.
Supports the HTTP security protocol: The HTTP protocol is used to link the drawing DB with the non-drawing DB. Therefore, security can be maintained in systems installed with a firewall.
Supports a graphic accelerator: The graphic accelerator improves the display speed of the CAD and viewer, when interfacing the drawing DB and non-drawing DB.

CAD: The DB property link API is provided for CAD application programs (ARX) such as AutoCAD.
Viewer: The interface API is provided to display the property defined in the CAD and DB on the CAD Viewer.

Supports a web reporting function to implement various statistics regarding facility management on the web.
Supports a function for converting the web reporting output screen to an Excel file.
Supports a modular system that developers can apply within a short period of time.

A modular system that developers and managers can apply within the shortest period of time.
Language-independent ActiveX technology - suitable for both the web and C/S architecture.
Many customization cases, including application to college facility management projects.
Easy to expand to other facility management areas, such as colleges, apartment houses, hospitals, public institutions, BTL, etc.