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ISP or BPR/ISP must be performed in advance institutionally, before starting an information system development project for a public agency, depending on the characteristics of the project. However, the existing ISP/BPR methodology was not designed for public agencies: consequently, a methodology that reflects the characteristics of the autonomous body should be developed to implement the informatization strategy plan for the public agency in question, and a tool that supports BPR/ISP implementation is required in order to manage the outputs created in the various BPR/ISP phases and improve productivity by re-using those outputs.
Therefore, an internal methodology that fits the characteristics of the public agency, and a supporting informatization management tool were developed to take the lead in the newly emergent autonomous-body-consulting market (e.g., BPR and ISP) and to improve productivity.

Acquisition of proprietary technologies
Easy customization by business type (BPR, ISP, IRM)
Easy to maintain (accommodation of a new concept)
Methodology and support tool that can be applied to the ISP consulting projects of public agencies
Responds to methodologies suitable for the private sector (Method/1, Innovator, NAVIGATOR, MARMI, etc.)
Improves efficiency in carrying out ISP consulting projects
Re-use by accumulating data as the internal knowledge of an organization
Stably secures consulting quality above a specified level.
Utilizes the data for internal consulting training