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ArchiHARD, a web disk solution that can be installed directly on the server, was developed by the public agency or private company, and can be used without limitations of period or capacity, rather than applying the current concept regarding the web disk service based on the space rental method.
Combined with ERP, KMS, CRM, EDM, PMIS, electronic approval system, and PKI, ArchiHARD allows digital file transmission without the need for additional login, using the same user authentication system. Also, user convenience is maximized by allowing users to view the drawing and image files uploaded in the server without having to download them.
In addition, ArchiHARD can be easily customized, as it is completely modularized. Therefore, developers can develop the system for SI projects that contain the web disk function within a short period of time.


Server: NT/UNIX
Development environment: MS .NET/J2EE
Database: Oracle / MS SQL / Sybase / My SQL
Protocol: HTTP
Client PC environment: Windows 98

Supports the encryption/decryption of the document, drawing, and image files during transmission.
Important data can be protected from hackers at home and abroad. (Documents cannot be opened even though disclosed, if the user is unauthorized.)
Supports server file viewing (preview and detailed view)

Modularized composition - developers or managers can apply the solution quickly.
Language-independent ActiveX technology - suitable for both the web and C/S architecture.
Many customization cases, including e-Government-related construction administration and data room system development projects.
Universal-purpose applicability has been secured, enabling easy expansion of the system, such as EDMS/FMS, etc.