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ArchiViewWeb Series is a tool that enables users to view various digital files, such as the documents, drawings, and images created during the execution of public or private informatization projects, without a source file authoring tool. Combined with other solutions such as EDM/DMS/PDM//PMIS/PLM, users can view a selected document or drawing with a single click on the web browser without having to perform any additional operation, when checking detailed document, drawing and image information using the digital file search and retrieval function.
In addition, this tool has been completely modularized to support strong customizing functions, thereby enabling developers to build up the system for an SI project within a short period of time.



A target file (document, drawing or image) can be encrypted and decrypted.

Important data can be protected from hackers at home and abroad. (Documents cannot be opened even though disclosed, if the user is unauthorized.)

Simultaneous file encryption and compression (disk capacity saving)

Modularized composition - developers or managers can apply the solution quickly.
Language-independent ActiveX technology - suitable for both web and C/S architecture.
Many customization cases, including e-Government related construction administration and data room system development projects.
Universal-purpose applicability has been secured, allowing easy expansion of the system, such as EDMS/FMS, etc.

Supports various document, drawing, and image formats.
Supports various zooming functions, including a wheel zoom function.
Supports a 3D surface rendering mode function.
Supports a redline markup function.
Supports a distance measurement (2D distance measurement) function.
Supports a web vector printing function.