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POSCO E & C consortium, awarded grand prize from international BIM & Safety Competition

Lee Jayoung (reporter) jaylee@constimes.co.kr

Singapore & international seminar sponsored by the CIB and the NUS are in South Korea's POSCO Engineering & Construction Safety Competition BIM consortium awarded grand prize.

This event is a collaboration of integrated design and construction through BIM safety as the importance of the GFA for 5000 square meters and is the theme of Safety last February 29 to July 30 and proceeded as an international phenomenon.

This consortium is representing the POSCO engineering & construction co., Chung-rim building, Hee-Lim building, Oriental structural safety technology, the future environment, Ray-us, Dietikon, back-incorporated, BIMS, Yumi de system, AEC3Korea, Solideo Systems the nation's top five systems to soloist and BIM technology vendors join ' Parametric Enabled Build Korea, POSCO c o a t i A s s E&C e s ' team consists of effort about five months at the end of South Korea's Ecology Learning Center Project Competition for the demanding conditions of complex integrated information based on open BIM successfully performed by taking advantage of the last ten days, was held at Marina Bay Singapore Convention Centre is a comprehensive destination and finally at the awards ceremony for best pictureThree sectors, such as the jury award, honored and, through this, to determine the level of technology and the national BIM spreading internationally was an opportunity.


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