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Upsurge of large public construction projects¡¦BIM market expansion, SW vendor corresponde busy

etnews [IT/Science] 2012.08.26
Shin Hye Gwon (reporter) hkshin@etnews.com

Building Information Modeling (BIM) market is expected to grow in orders next year public institutions large construction projects are scheduled to rise. Domestic BIM software vendors to market faster.


Actively targeting this market, domestic SW companies such as Solideo Systems, Virtual Builders, Hangil IT, Midas IT. The most rapidly moving company is Solideo Systems. Solideo Systems cooperate with Autodesk, BIM SW strengthen the domestic market, and mutual sharing. Future jointly explore overseas markets step by step. Solideo Systems officials said the plan " Looking forward to expanding the domestic public and private will be, Solideo Systems and Autodesk enhance BIM market strategy plan and the domestic market as well as overseas markets.


* Building Information Modeling=That occur during the life cycle, building architectural design to upgrading from a conventional planar(2D) to three-dimensional(3D) integrated management of information technology. Building management systems, building energy management systems based on it can be implemented more precisely.

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