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POSCO E & C consortium, awarded grand prize from international BIM & Safety Competition 12.10.23
Upsurge of large public construction projects¡¦BIM market expansion, SW vendor corresponde busy 12.09.20
[Case Study] Ministry of Land, Transport and
Maritime Affairs - Unified estate administration information project
Government applying disaster response using Big Data 12.08.10
Autodesk, Inc., vice president visit to Solidoe Systems 12.08.09
Make the e-government export strategy map
Ministry of Public Administration and Security, e-government exports discuss IT CEO 12.07.02
KISDI `2012 national information-oriented advanced plan .. 12.05.04
[This person] CEO Kim Sook Hee, Solideo Systems 12.03.26
SK Telecom and MOU contracting 12.02.23
[Planning] Solideo system specialized in Administrative .. 12.02.14
Official visit to government employee 11.11.25
Building Smart Korea Organization : Division BIM Awards 2011 .. 11.11.07