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and provides total IT services based on its specialization in ISP/BPR, system integration, and maintenance in the fields of public agency informatization, smart administrative services, and utilization of public informatization in the private area.

In particular, Solideo Systems is committed to becoming a leading company equipped with the best technical skills and services, by actively participating in various projects including the construction of the administrative information system Seumteo, unification of real-estate administrative information, and development of a national integrated system for building energy management, all of which were implemented by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs; the development of an integrated administrative information system (for city, gun, and gu), implemented by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security; the development of a GIS-based integrated building information system, implemented by the Korea Land Housing Corporation; the informatization projects of various local autonomous bodies; and the development of smart facility management systems for national and public universities.

Solideo Systems is leading the way in realizing the advanced government of the future by researching the green IT field and public information utilization field, based on the excellent technical prowers it has accumulated in the national informatization area.

Solideo Systems will do everything in its power to guide customers to a new informatization world, and to present a future that is more advanced than the present, armed with a creative, challenging spirit and bold enthusiasm for technology that contributes to society and value management that impresses customers.